We have a regular Thursday meeting in a reserved and allocated room at the Royal Hotel in Deal from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm to drop in and have a coffee.

The memebrs come in to:

  • have a cup of coffee, have a chat with other members
  • get to know new members or meet old friends
  • find out about events, parties and activities organised by the Club or by other groups and put their names down for the events of their interest
  • exchange information about anything, from charity events to volunteering opportunities
  • develop support networks and lifelong friendships
  • The atmosphere is always friendly and informal and specially welcoming to the new members.

    This is a good opportunity for some members to have a day out and go for lunch together after the weekly meeting or go shopping or have a stroll in the town centre.

    For the members who work during the day and not able to attend our weeky coffee morning we have a gathering in the evening on the last Tuesday of every month from 6.30pm at The Courtyard Restaurant, Deal for a wine and cheese evening and the cost is £1 for each member for the use of the room and extra for the drinks.


    Food and social interaction are deeply entwined in the human psyche, the simple act of gathering around a table helps establish connections which are crucial in maintaining happiness and a sense of belonging, it accomplishes the goal of face-to-face interaction and It is a chance to share information and news of the day.

    One of the events organised by the Club is "Meal Of The Month" which is a gathering for dinner in one of the local hotels or restaurants one Wednesday evening every month.
    The cost of this meal varies depending on the restaurant but the average cost is between £15 to £20 for the meal and extra for the drinks.
    Each "Meal Of The Month" is normally arranged in a different restaurant each month in order to have a variety of cuisines. The members who are interested to take part in each "Meal Of The Month" put their name down on the list for that event so the event organiser can arrange and organise the food and hospitality with the respective hotel or restaurant.

    Another similar event is our "Sunday Lunch" which takes place once every month and the members who are interested in this event gather for a lunch in one of the local restaurants and the cost for the food and drink is similar to that of the "Meal Of The Month".


    We organise a variety of different events for our members who are more inclined to take part in particular events which is more in line with their taste and their personal interests.

    A few times per year we hire a hall in our local area for an evening to organise events such as "Quiz Night" or "Film Night" or "Virtual Dog Racing Night" with supper provided which is normally Fish & Chips and the cost is around £5 for each member.

    For the members who are interested in theatre and movies we arrange for a group visit for popular shows in our local Astor Theatre in Deal or the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury or local cinemas. Tickets are normally organised by the Club and the cost is paid for in advance by the participants in the event.

    Similarly for the members who are interested in music we organise for the tickets and sometimes taxies or minibuses are arranged for the popular gigs taking place in Deal or in neighbouring towns and the cost involved is paid by the participating members.

    In addition there are a host of other events and activities organised by the Club such as discos and dances, walking, afternoon tea, ten pin bowling, garden visits and much more for those members with particular interests.